It is a product to create tired and elastic skin
with functional eye&neck cream and lifting device that helps skin elasticity for sagging skin and whitening and wrinkle improvement. We won't stop researching to put a new end to skin problems.

- From AURA Lab

  • 01
  • Exceptional volume care using international patented raw materials

    It is a premium elasticity-enhancing raw material develo ped by Cederma, France, which has been patented inte rnationally in the U.S. and Europe.

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  • Local elastic skin cells through activation of care.

    Zymo is a major component of borpyrin, which promo tes fat cell growth, prevents loss of moisture, and helps strengthen elasticity.

  • 03
  • Dark and dull skin tone care

    It inhibits melanin production and blocks movement by inhibiting tyrosinase activity, helping to improve overall skin tone.

  • 04
  • Anti-inflammatory & antioxidant care with natural ingredients

    It contains a large amount of saponin as a root stem of "zimo", which is effective in moisturizing and helps antio xidant with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects.


Everyone is asking what you did to your skin

6 skin concerns

  • Moisture care

    Sodium hyaluronate, tocoperyl acetate, stone cabbage extract, Orange extract, yeast /tip root fermentation extract

  • Moisturizing care

    Stearic Acid, Shea Butter, flaxseed oil, yeast/little fructose extract, Lactobacillus /soybean fermentation extract

  • soothing care

    Weak wheat extract, peach extract,
    human vine flower extract,
    Siberian oak tree neck extract

  • whitening care

    Grape extract, banana
    extract, rice flour,
    mulberry bark extract

  • wrinkle care

    Adenosine, butylene glycol,
    and esculene
    Tarese bean extract, hydrogenate
    DePolyisobutene, Zemo Root Extract

  • Anti-inflammatory & antioxidant care

    sodium ascorbil phosphate,
    apple extract,
    Haneulthari Root Extract

*The above description is limited to raw material characteristics



Whitening functional ingredients notified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.


Functional ingredients for wrinkle improvement notified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

*Only for raw material characteristics
Niacinamide and adenosine are the ingredients that show the effects of whitening and wrinkle improvement.

Lifting total care for me

  • Skin irritation 0.00% cream

    Human skin hypoallergenic test determines that
    it is a 'non-irritating' product

  • Natural-derived
    patented ingredients

    Natural-derived ingredients, using Cederma
    International Patent Materials of France

  • 5 no harmful
    ingredients formula

    No parabens, no alcohol, no artificial coloring, no
    artificial fragrance, no synthetic surfactant

  • Ion/Temperature
    vibration massager

    HOME ESTETIC Vibrating Massage for about 10
    minutes a day using microcurrent


360˚vibration sphincter
Experience it now!

  • It ionizes cosmetics components through microcurrents to help absorb them well into the skin.

Try it this easy!
How To Use

  • After washing your face in the morning or evening,
    apply an appropriate amount of
    SKINDOT Lifting Eye&Neck Cream from
    your neck and chin to each area of concern
    about wrinkles around your eyes.

    Press the switch on the SKINDOT Lifting Device
    to loosen the muscles.
    Use for about 10 minutes,
    pulling up from top to bottom.

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