Brand Story

Just as each person has a different fingerprint,
each person has unique skin.
Our cosmetics are made to suit only your skin. Based on digital skin diagnostic data Our research is always ongoing.
We will continue to develop new products to alleviate your skin concerns.
SKINDOT will never stop researching new ways to improve your skin.

- From AURA Lab



We suggest the optimal product for your
skin condition utilizing AURA skin diagnosis system.

Convenient & Safe untact diagnosis

Accurate FULL-FACE analysis system

Digital diagnosis and analysis by AI technology

Patented ingredients

On-demand cosmetics solving skin concerns


End your search for cosmetics that suit you.

"SKINDOT Skin Perfect"


Cosmetics that fit my skin are
"the best cosmetics"


We listen to your skin

AURA Lab thinks of your skin first. Each of us lives in different environments and has life patterns. Ages and biorhythm are also different. SKINDOT contains formula suitable for the various skin-types and makes it your own special skin care.


SKINDOT Skin Perfect

'The cosmetics that fit my skin are the ideal cosmetics'
The good ingredients found in nature were created as AURA's customized cosmetics. Meet SKINDOT made for your skin.


Dual Flex System

SKINDOT combines BASE and SHOT to create innovative differentiation for your effective skin care.
BASE removes the ingredients that your skin does not need, and Shot adds only the right ingredients for your skin condition.
By choosing 30 combinations of BASE and SHOT, we relieve the burden on your skin.
The DUAL FLEX system designed to achieve the best effect will make amazing skin for you.


If your cell's health continues, the skin will remain young.

We researched how to keep skin healthy and long lasting. As a result of research and development to make skin cells healthy, we secured various patented technologies and finally introduced SKINDOT by insisting on safer natural ingredients not burdensome to the skin.


AURA Research center

We did various research and developed cosmetics that suit the customer's skin, instead of having customers' skin suit the cosmetics. Our main goal is to help you apply customized formula instead of a mass produced one-size-fits-all formula We at AURA will do our best to make our customers' skin young and healthy.


AURA Patent & Certificate

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